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Guthrie FCU offers two convenient card choices:

1.  MasterCard Debit Card

Your debit card eliminates the need to write a check.  You can make purchases at point-of-sale terminals, over the phone, or online and have the money automatically deducted from your checking/share draft account.  Your debit card also allows you to withdraw cash from ATM's and transfer money between accounts.  You can also withdraw cash at point-of-sale terminals just by selecting "debit" and entering your PIN when making a purchase.  Your debit card is also automatically enrolled in the ScoreCard Rewards program.

2.  ATM Card

The ATM card is designed for those looking for convenient access to their savings (prime share) account.  You may withdraw cash, make deposits, and check the balance of your savings account at ATM's.  This card is a great option to help teach money management and financial responsiblity.

Both cards have access to thousands of surcharge free ATM's!

Your new Debit or ATM card can be used surcharge FREE at over 30,000 ATM's within the CO-OP network!  Locate a surcharge free ATM.


Co-op ATM 


You will receive your new ATM/ Debit card and PIN in the mail, at your primary address, within 7-10 business days.

See instructions on how to activate your new card.